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Porn Art


Darkstar and KO - Can not live with or without you by Valong
Commission made by yours truly. 
Constructicons’ division.
For Nueteki’s fic about bathing and dual fuel-energy interface.
К Медицинской саге Nueteki. 
KO and Scrapper
Hook and Knock Out.
KO had crushed and so Master rebuild his student a little. And decided to add some firm colours.
Another KO +3
Another art to Nueteki’s Medical saga about Hook and his student Knock Out.
Saga is in Russian, it’s totally awesome so you better find me translator or learn Russian.

For Nueteki’s “Master and Master” fanfic.

Because I’m a very special kid and deleted the original post *facepalm*
Hook/KO for most awesome of all awesome, Nueteki. Her headcanon of KO being Hook’s student. In many disciplines. 
Put some colour on it.
I really love social insects. And KO didn’t know about body language and chemical communication. 
I guess I should explain this one. 
Well, there was one fanfic. It was actually really bad - about Megatron forcing KO to infect BD with … well, insecticon beta, whatever author ment by that. And there was a dialog betwean Megatron and KO sounded SO Boliwood, that I couldn’t resist. Aaand that’s a result. 
Evil Raja Megatron and poor doctor Knock Out.